ADHD Brain Training

Don’t let ADHD hinder you or your child’s future

Powerful ADHD Brain Training Program Combining Neurofeedback & Coaching

10-Week ADHD Brain Training Program (Toronto location)
A medication free approach for lasting change

Afraid of getting more calls from school about your child’s behaviour?

We understand the fears plaguing most parents

  • Do you worry about your child’s future?
  • Do you feel stressed by the day-to-day struggle with your child?
  • Do you frequently lose your patience with your child?
  • Do you feel confused about what to do next?

“Neurofeedback is an effective, medication-free treatment for ADHD.”

10-week ADHD Brain Training Program

How We Help Your Child

  • Improve ability to focus and learn in school
  • Gain skills to improve attention, organization & emotional regulation
  • Reduce hyperactive, disruptive behaviour
  • Decrease frustration in their day-to-day routine
  • Improve social skills to build confidence

How We Help Parents

  • Decrease your day-to-day stress through our parent coaching sessions
  • Learn techniques to parent your ADHD child more effectively
  • Learn how to reduce unwanted behaviour
  • Feel supported during your journey to a better future

How does it work?

The most effective approach to managing ADHD is combining ADHD Coaching Sessions with Neurofeedback Sessions

The program includes:

  • Pre-treatment package to better understand you or your child’s needs
  • Pre-treatment assessment to establish a baseline
  • 10 ADHD Coaching Sessions* (can be split between parent & child)
  • 20 Brain Training Sessions** (Neurofeedback) 2x per week for all ages
  • Post-treatment assessment to evaluate progress
  • Post-treatment plan to help you or your child sustain positive change

ADHD Coaching Sessions
(varies by age)
Ages 6-12:
Five ADHD coaching with child
+5 parent coaching
Ages 13-17:
Nine ADHD coaching with teen
+1 parent coaching

Ages 18+: 10 ADHD coaching sessions

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