Jenni Bolger

Registered Psychotherapist

Do you feel like you’re stuck? Are you noticing habits you want to change? Perhaps you’ve tried, and you just keep finding yourself repeating the same patterns. Painful experiences can create this vicious cycle, sometimes leaving us with a version of ourselves that we no longer recognize. Are you noticing intense emotions? Or do you feel like you’re numb to your emotions? Either can be the aftermath of painful and stressful experiences that change the way we see ourselves, other people, and the world around us. The good news here is, you’re human, you’re not alone, and together we can create a plan for sustainable change.

Together we will challenge your beliefs, uncover the difficult emotions and make greater sense of your pain. We will understand how trauma & stress are stored within the body and release the tension through integrative and personalized approaches. Doing so may bring you into a place of peace & freedom, where you feel confident and secure in your whole self.


Jenni is a Registered Psychotherapist and received her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. Jenni began her journey working in a treatment center from Trauma and Addictions with a focus on PTSD in Veterans, Active CAF members, and first responders. During this time, she completed training is DBT, CBT, and CPT for PTSD. She also integrates somatic or body-based practices into her therapeutic approach, along with influence from IFS, also referred to as parts-work. Jenni would describe her approach as an integration of the mind (our thoughts) and body (the way we physically feel) when creating a treatment plan.

Client Focus

Individuals and Adults

Types of Therapy

CBT, DBT, CPT, Parts Work, Client-Centered Therapy, Attachment-Based, Mindfulness, Trauma-Informed


Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, PTSD, Addiction, Substance Use, Stress, Emotional Regulation, Coping Skills, Relational Challenges, Self-Esteem, ADHD, and Life Transitions.

More Than Just My Work

If I am not in the office, chances are I am out for a hike with my dogs, finding the best shop for treats (I have a big sweet tooth), finding anything to do outdoors, spending time with family and friends, or knitting up a storm if it’s raining or snowing.


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Jenni Bolger

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